RFA Tidespring arrived on the Mersey on 8th February to begin her first docking. RFA Fort Duquesne A229. https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/.../ships/royal-fleet-auxiliary-vessels/ RFA Fort Langley A230. She is the first vessel in the RFA fleet to undergo maintenance as part of the Future In-Service Support (FISS) contracts awarded in October 2018.. Cammell Laird has been chosen to provide support to the four Tide class tankers for the next decade following a competitive two-year tender process. Built Canada 1944/5. Beam: 57ft. She has a complement of 95 RFA, 15 RN, 24 RNSTS and 154 RN Air Squadron personnel. 1986-apr-24: Ordered: A387 RFA Fort Victoria: 1987-dec-18: Ordered: A388 RFA Fort George: 1988-apr-4: Laid down: A387 RFA Fort Victoria Yard No 1727: 1989-mar-9: Laid down: A388 RFA Fort George Yard No. RFA Fort Victoria (A387) is a Fort Class combined fleet stores ship and tanker of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary of the United Kingdom tasked with providing ammunition, fuel, food and other supplies to Royal Navy vessels around the world. Length overall: Fort Beauharnois, Fort Duquesne 439ft; others 441ft 6in. 129: 1990-jun-12: Launched: A387 RFA Fort Victoria As of Oct 2019, this was the last non-warship Naval vessel actually built in Belfast (others had undergone maintenance / refit). RFA Fort Dunvegan A160. Capable of supplying ammunition, fuel, food and oil. RFA Fort Constantine. 7374 GRT. Named after Fort Victoria on the Isle of Wight. The gantries are also much higher than in the older Fort class and are being adapted by CL to be compatible with the QEC. RFA Fort Rosalie A186. The Eddy class were a part of the RFA’s post World War 2 construction programme and were designed for Fleet Attendant duties in naval bases around the world. Draught: 27ft. The Fort Rosalie or Fort class of fleet replenishment vessel of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary are designed to replenish Royal Navy taskgroups with various armaments and victualling stores while under way. In service until 1972. RFA Fort Duquesne A229. RFA Fort Beauharnois. Fort Class Armament Issuing Ships. She has extensive aviation facilities, with 2 flight decks, and can stock other vessels fast, thanks to six replenishment stations. RFA Fort Sandusky A316. RFA Fort Victoria will emerge from this refit able to transfer stores to the carrier but will still be limited to 2-tonne transfers, primarily because she does not have the internal equipment to handle such large loads. Fort Class Armament Issuing Ships. Built Canada 1944/5. Fort Class Stores Vessels RFA Fort Rosalie A385 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fort Class Stores Vessel RFA Fort Rosalie A385 is seen anchored in Plymouth Sound off the Breakwater on 3rd March 2017. RFA Fort Rosalie A186. RFA Fort Rosalie – one of two Fort-class Solid Support Ships – replenishes the warships of the Royal Navy and allied navies with food, stores and ammunition wherever they are hard at work. Fort-class Fleet Replenishment Vessel RFA Fort Victoria (A387) is a Fort Victoria-class replenishment oiler, built by Harland & Wolff, launched on 4 May 1990 and commissioned on 24 June 1994. RFA Fort Charlotte A236. The Fort class ships are capable of operating and supporting up to four helicopters such as the Royal Navy's Merlin and Lynx. In service until 1972. RFA Fort Langley A230. 7374 GRT. RFA Fort Sandusky A316.
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